Battery Park

Battery Park

Located in the World Financial Center Plaza in Battery Park City, stainless steel benches, fencing and sun shade structures collaborate to provide modern design elements to a historic landmark in lower Manhattan.   12 blocks of streetscape were developed to improve pedestrian safety and comfort as well as rising national security concerns in the aftermath of 9/11.

Battery Park

Designed by James Carpenter Design Associates, two distinct bench styles sit atop ribbed glass block casings.  Four sun shade structures adorn a streetscape and a perimeter fence, utilizing the same material used on 7 World Trade Center encompass the neighborhood. 

Project Specifications

Battery Park
  • Owner: The Battery Park Conservancy
  • Client: City of New York
  • Location: New York, NY, USA
  • Architect: Rogers Marvel
  • Landscape Architect: DLandStudio
  • Designer: ©James Carpenter Design Associates
  • Application: Fencing, benches, sun screen canopies
  • Material Construction: 500 Tri Wire, 250 Tri wire
  • Scope: 20 Benches, 500 feet of fencing and 4 sun shade structures
  • Photos: ©Andreas Keller

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