About Us

About Us


Johnson Architectural Elements evolved out of over 100 years of existence of the Johnson Screens organization.  Johnson Screens started in 1904 by Edward E. Johnson who developed a new manufacturing method for down hole, “continuous slot” water well screens.  This technology was used by many industrial filtration markets with highly engineered, precisely fabricated products across global locations and business processes such as food processing, oil & gas drilling and refining, pulp & paper processing.  At the headquarters facility just outside Minneapolis, MN, products are both designed and fabricated for customers all over the globe.

About Us


About 20 years ago, using a similar manufacturing process, Johnson began to create custom material solutions for architectural applications such as entry grating and wall facades through fulfilling the creative visions of firms like SOM, AECOM, Gensler and James Carpenter Design Associates. 

We collaborate with those in various design communities – architects, landscape architects, interior designers, artists - to develop project-specific material that expresses their vision and performs across myriad of criteria.  As you can see on the Application pages, these include, among others Lighting, Grating, Landscape Elements and Sculpture projects.

Our team of engineers, drafters, fabricators and welders bring years of design and manufacturing expertise to your project to ensure we develop and produce the best possible material solution for each of your unique projects and clients.


We invite you to bring your most basic ideas or your most outlandish brainstorms – we welcome a challenge!  We can help turn those concepts into something special for you, your firm and your client.

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